GYNECOLOGY.EDUCATION is the detailed, high-quality and professional-based gynecology video stock, the big library of 2D animated video.

Within 8 global branches of the science of women: Hygiene, Contraception, Period, Diseases, Education, Reproduction, Aesthetics, Devices, we try to give reliable and understandable information. 


All content is developed by DONE. Animation Studio.

Iryna Antoniuk is Creative Director, with 9 years of experience in Medical Marketing area. She developed and launched numerous "Medical & Health" mobile apps, medical mass media, websites and products, created the whole Marketing Strategy for 2 operating medical clinics. Also co-founder of AnidentMedplus1100cal

All animated videos were controlled and checked by an expert with Doctor of Medicine, Rostyslav Kozhman, author of lots medical articles and coaching sessions, permanent holder of Five Stars patient reviews. Also Director of Medplus, co-owner of Anident and author of WOWDENT blog


All gynecological animated videos are filtered by collections and tags.  

You can use the video for promotionalreputationalservice or educational purposes, such as demonstrate the materials for patients in your practice or clinics, place video on company’s website pages, on company’s social media pages, use on your TV-monitor or any other physical digital devices in advertising or own promotional purposes indoor or outdoor; use videos like presentation material on medical conferences, learning courses, training sessions, educational purposes.

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Did not find the best for your business in our stock? If you need a unique animated gynecological video, describing specific process or service, or video for medicine conference, promotional animated roll, "how to" video or educational material, we will find the best way to deal. Please, contact us.