What to Do with Hypersexuality?

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What to Do with Hypersexuality?

Too much of a good thing is good for nothing. This is what can be said regarding the main problem of such phenomenon as hypersexuality. Indeed, if a person’s perception of an active sexual life is disturbed, this is by no means because he is spoiled or bad-mannered. First of all, hypersexuality is a sexual disorder and requires treatment.

Causes of excessive sexual drive

If a person has an increased sexual desire, it is mostly transformed into satyriasis (in men) or nymphomania (in women). The essence of this disease is that even a large number of sexual intercourses do not completely satisfy a person, and he or she is still strongly attracted to the opposite sex. Often, such people called sexoholics.

In adolescence and youth, hypersexuality occurs spontaneously (according to the laws of nature), but in older people it manifests itself against the background of another specific disease.

Why does a person develops hypersexuality? The causes include:

  • Malfunction of the hypothalamus
  • Disorders (damage) of the brain
  • Head trauma
  • Problems with the hormonal system
  • Drug poisoning or gas poisoning (carbon monoxide)
  • Mental illnesses (schizophrenia, psychopathy, etc.)
  • Psychological problems (feeling of inferiority or lack of confidence, lack of attention in childhood, failure at the first sexual intercourse) 

How does hypersexuality manifest itself?

It’s strange but men can suffer from increased libido if they are not confident in their sexual abilities. By means of constant sex with various partners, they try to prove mostly to themselves their usefulness in this matter.

Men suffering from hypersexuality manage to feel satiation from sexual contact only after several (3 to 4) sexual acts performed in a row.

Nymphomaniacs experiencing constant dissatisfaction in sex tend to frequent erotic fantasies. It is typical of a hypersexual women to be attracted to a partner regardless of age, appearance and even sex.

Sometimes, a woman is in need of constant sex during the climacteric period. This happens if she did not experience any orgasm during intimacy when she was younger, or stopped her sex life early. Despite the strong sex passion, it is important to remember about using condoms – it will help with protection against many dangerous diseases.

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Is hypersexuality treatable?

In case hypersexuality occurs during puberty, the disease can be managed by:

  • Correcting the daily routine
  • Increasing sports activity
  • Finding a new hobby
  • Using medicines that relieve nervous tension

If hypersexuality occurs in an adult, it is necessary to determine its cause together with a doctor. Starting from this, you can apply the appropriate treatment: drug or hormone therapy, auto-training, surgery, etc.

A person suffering from hypersexuality should protect himself/herself from all sorts of stressful situations, learn how to plan the day, do not overwork, do physical exercises and rest properly.

In case of satyriasis/nymphomania, as a supplement to psychological treatment, doctors usually recommend using soothing herbs that help relax and relieve nervous tension.


Author: Iryna Antoniuk